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You are the power-house of our economy! Whether you have five or one hundred people working for you - we have services that can make a difference to your business efficiency and profitability while saving you time and money. We can help you deal with all your human resources, employment relations, recruitment and assessment needs under one roof quickly and inexpensively.

We specialise in smaller businesses and think like you do. Our aim is simple - to deliver the best possible human resource service we can to our market place. We want to level the employment relations minefield in your favour. We can get you the best possible outcomes for a reasonable cost. We want to work with you at the forefront of New Zealand industry and help make a real difference.

Experience over 25 years of HR results. Experience the HR Contracting Services difference. We invite you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter and get in touch with us to discuss your needs. We will be pleased to help you.

Ross Henderson is an experienced Human Resources consultant with extensive expertise in employee relations, recruitment and selection in New Zealand, London and Australia. He has held national management positions with leading NZ organizations and has maintained his own consulting business since 1995.